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A forming sintering material with rare earth element (17pcs: Atomic number #21, #39 and #57~71) named neodymium, oxidized steel and boron (B) and it has Nd2Fe14B molecular structure. It has very strong magnetic energy and largely used in light and thin cutting edge products. The usage in various fields is rapidly expanded due to comparatively cheap price than SmCo magnet, however, product surface finishing during manufacturing is important because the temperature characteristic is low and be careful in combustion prevention.


Max. magnetic energy is highest among commercially used magnetics. (25~52MGOe) processability is good. / Comparatively cheap compare to its magnetic strength. Reliance to temperature is high (Select the characteristic according to the temperature 80~230℃). Oxidizing power is strong (Surface treatment is important).


Portable terminal and wearables, home appliances, micro speaker, motor, automobile, generator, multimedia device, accessories, healthcare device, etc.

Physical Properties

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