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Nd-Fe-B Group Sintered Magnet

Nd-Fe-B Group Sintered Magnet

Nd-Fe-B Group Sintered Magnet Superior and stable mixture as a permanent magnet material which is composed with Hexagonal Close-Packed (HCP) has lattice integer of a=0.88nm, c=1.22nm at the composition near neodymium (Nd) 12atm%, boron (B) 6atm% and iron (Fe) 82atm% was discovered at Japan in 1982, and expressed it with Nd2Fe14B composition ratio and developed strong permanent magnet has record-breaking magnetic energy (BHmax) using powder metallurgy technology using this mixture.

Fe atom is most of Nd2Fe14B structure and the atom layer composed with Fe atom only is existed making the atom layer including rare earth ion and B ion between this. It is judged the glove box system construction and surface treatment type for material oxidation prevention in each processing result in considerable influence in magnetic property improvement and quality stability because Nd2Fe14B molecular structure has high oxidation and easily corroded.

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